Thursday, March 3, 2011


Alright today. Made the mistake of thinking a 7 chip portion was actually 14 chips= double the calories than it would've been if I bothered to look at the serving size. ... That means I ate about 3 servings... great.
Breakfast was oatmeal w/ unsweetened almond milk and mixed berries
Lunch was yogurt, an orange, V8, and pistasios
3 o'clock snack was... bad. 2 sugar-free pudding cups, the chip mistake, salsa, fat-free Cool Whip (1/3 of a serving... I think), and a few chocolate chips
Dinner was pistasios, Pepsi Max (0), and some fruit

Oh well... I had a volleyball game today.
I did Level One of 30 Day Shred yesterday... went good :). It went faster than I expected.
I will be fit and close-to-bikini ready by April :)

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