Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Describes my day perfectly

I have no idea what the hell I did, but all my friends ran away from me, giggling and laughing, and it happened right after A whispered something in their ears. I wanted to flip them off but... I'm not like that... all the time. The funny thing is, something pretty close just happened to J and she just laughed and went along. WTF?? She's super nice and I don't put her down (unlike A- I didn't do anything to her either- and D). Also, just yesterday, someone said I was extremely nice. She wasn't there then... she probably would have went along, too. And then A was all laugh-y and talk-y with me later. WTF, bitch?

Yesterday, M and I got in a little "war". It was cute :). A girl volleyed something to me and I attempted to volley it back but it went over M's head and we kept throwing a bunch of other stuff at each other. He kept laughing and smiling and cursing when he missed me.
Today, he kept kinda looking at me and he looked at the homework I was trying to get done at the end of the day. He's in a higher class and I soo wish he would've asked what I was doing... may have led to me getting his number ;D

Alright, food... good. Could've done better....

Mom got mad cuz she gained 10 lbs/all the weight she lost. Hey me too! bleh >:(... at least my size 4 jeans still fit

Love ya,


(by midnights garden)


ps. If any of you girls, want bigger boobs, take mine. Please.

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