Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Need a Therapist


I didn't eat any Girl Scout Cookies yesterday and I only had two today so I'm getting better :)
My friends are in a little tiff. Apparently, one set one off about two others and now the two others and the one (that got set off) are not speaking and are very angry at each other. I'm choosing not to get into it. And apparently, 2 of my friends went with the two to the mall and one of my other friends is going to the movies with some of her "besties" tonight... pisses me off.
I try. I'm not clingy but I try. I actually cried to my mom in the parking lot of a store about how I'm alone every fucking weekend (yes, I cursed in front of my mom) and how this mean-ass bitch ruined my reputation and now people don't talk to me as much.

stay strong,


  1. those boobs are practically defying gravity! Ugh girl scout cookies can go to hell. I am sending you skinnies darling!

  2. haha I hadn't realized that till you mentioned it!
    thank you for the support, chica :)