Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey girlies :)

Decided I'm over M. I don't know why... I just remember a guy from this summer that told my cousin that he liked me and he is kinda cute and he knows the guys at my school though he doesn't go there and he goes to the fish fries sooo... yup. Holy run-on sentence, batman! I could see me dating him and lip-kissing unlike when I liked M so... we'll call him B, okay? For now at least. Probably won't hear about him since he doesn't go to my school.

Food's been good. Ran out of V8... boo. I got my period, too. :( I haven't had a legit period since about August so... 7 months. Wow.

Not much else.

Oh, 6 followers now :). Thank you for following!


ps. Made plans with E to go to the mall this weekend! I'm excited... I can kind of imagine us taking pictures of each other, me with some goofy hat and nerd glasses in Hot Topic. lol I kinda like that place. We invited J and D, but D can't go and J doesn't know yet. I still have to ask A and M (girl) if they want to go too.
pps. I am in love with the band "Tonight Alive". My favorite song is "To Die For"

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  1. Holy blogger Batman! haha that made me laugh
    I've nominated you for the "versatile blogger award."