Thursday, March 10, 2011

All Girl Scouts... Go to Hell

I hate hate hate hate Girl Scout cookie season. I simply cannot control myself. A year or two ago, I would've eaten an entire sleeve and then some. I ate... 4 Peanut Butter patties(280) (ugh... mom should not have bought those. Any combination of peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness), 3 Thin Mints (160 for 4... that equals 120), and 3 lemon oreo type cookies (that was a serving... 170)
= 570
... DAMNIT!!!!

When and if I become president, I am banning the selling of Girl Scout cookies, all food that is processed and/or not natural in any way, and... a lot of things, okay?

Alright, I'll have a panic attack if I don't calculate all this together...
Breakfast: 1/2 cup egg beaters (60), Whole-Wheat English Muffin (120), ketchup (30), pear (100)= 310
Lunch: yogurt (140), apple (40), v8 (70)= 250
Disaster: 570
Dinner: unknown
Total (as of now): 1130
Definitely working out tonight... if I ever get all the homework I have done.
I was going to make a lovely dinner... I'll probably have some berries (80) and zucchini (???- but its safe).

Hope you're doing better than me,



ps. The gap between my thighs is getting bigger :). I just have about an inch of fat on my upper thighs left... this makes me smile. Now only if my stomach would follow suit....
pps. My friends suck sometimes. I am alone on the weekends while they go shopping or to the movies or to hang out... I don't even get texts or anything :( (sorry for raining on your happy parade if you had one)


  1. Ah, Girl Scout Cookies. Maybe you could treat yourelf to one every other day and work them into your daily intake?

    Yay for thigh gaps! =D That's awesome.

    As for your friends... hmm, you could plan something for all/a few of you to do? Go to the movies, go out for coffee, get your nails done. I don't know, something like that. Let them know that you're still there and that you care!

  2. Thanks for the advice, chica :)