Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oh God. I'm sorry for the depressing (2) posts. No more... for awhile. Kapeesh?

E said "We should go to the mall sometime!" and it kinda caught me off guard. Oh well....
Went shopping with Mom today... bought 4 pairs of shorts, I think 3 shirts, a pull-over type thing. I was going to buy some shoes, too, but everyone has them and I don't like being like everyone... so I didn't. I would have bought a few hoodies because that's the only thing I'm comfortable wearing.
I hate my arms,
my legs,
my face (the shape),
and especially my stomach.
Mom said I was skinny but I don't see it. I'm short so my weight is too high and all I see is fat on my thighs and stomach... I don't see how that can be.
Silly Mommy.

Nothing else, really.
Have a good week.
My goals for this week: cardio everyday, finish my book by Tuesday, finish the other book by Friday, ... yup.


Topshop Mesh And Velvet Panel Dress

Levis Shorts

50's Dress From Bikbok

ps. I am in love with LIGHTS. Give her a listen. She's thinspo, as well :)
pps. Do you like the new backround thingy? I think its more "happy" compared to the other one :)

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