Sunday, February 27, 2011


The water cooler is empty... it's kinda making me angry. We have one of those Brita filter thingos but I'm too lazy to fill it and too impatient to wait for it to filter.

Dad, Little Brother, and I went shopping for food and stuff yesterday. The place we went is kinda like Costco but we don't have a Costco here and I've seen it on tv so... yeah. Anyway, we bought soo much stuff. Two carts full.
And Two things about this place: they have good stuff (supplements, protein powder/bars, detox whatevers, frozen fruit, regular fruit, veggies, lemon juice, etc) and everything else is processed crap. We bought a little of both. Who thinks I'm going to eat processed crap? Put your hand down!! haha just kidding... that wasn't really funny, was it? Oh well....

Today was a good day. Stayed close to my caloric goal. I could've worked out and I wanted to but... I didn't. Took a shower though... as if that counts for anything, really. 

Mom and I got in an argument over eating healthy and the way my parents feed my brother. Mom got super pissed... like you wouldn't believe really. She thought I was criticising her and my dad for how they treat Brother and how he's gonna end up depressed because I call him fat... which I don't... at least not to his face. I wanted to say "If you watched this season of the Biggest Loser, you'd know that the groups that are parent and son/daughter, the parents blame themselves for the size of their kid".

Alright, that's it.


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ps. I'm definitely doing my workout twice tomorrow... I need my metabolism too speed up NOW.

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  1. I'm always trying to get Mum to eat healthier and keep healthier food in the house, but she gets offended as well. And gets pissed when I tell her off for putting 800 tablespoons of margarine in everything she cooks. :/