Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cue Happy Face

Mother bought pizza. For my chubby little brother... that sounds mean... my "heavy set" little brother. I couldn't resist. 2 bread sticks, 2 slices. gonna guess 600 in all... I was good today, though.
Been eating just carrots and apples for lunch the past few days. Had a bag of pistasios with them today but... its okay.
I worked out today!! For a full 50 minutes. Before I started, I was exhausted (probably the little "friend") but I did it anyway. 15 minutes in, I was soo tired. Laid down for like 5 minutes and got back up and continued.
Yay me!

And the boy I am absolutely crazy for... still not sure if he likes me, but we had a little "conversation". Just silent... he raised his eyebrows in that "Seriously?" kinda way and me nodding in a "oh, yeah, it's stupid" way. Some kids were talking about an old movie/musical we had to watch in a class (he wasn't in it). He's been bumping into me a few times and he smells so godamn good! I know it's cliche, but I'm going to marry him. Just... later in life.


Love and hugs,


Almost there!



Feeling thinspo love today :)

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