Monday, February 21, 2011

Fat Day

We all get them, right? I just look... very wide (both head-on and sideways). I don't like it.
I did my workout again today. I kept getting muscle weirdness in my left foot and I  had to stop every fifteen minutes or so.
I didn't eat a lot today but I didn't count the calories.
I ate:
a pear
2 pancakes (1 plain, 1 with some semi-sweet chocolate) with a bit of sugar-free syrup
half a bottle (the full size) of V8
a LeanCuisine (like 220 calories)
a high-fiber tortilla w/ salsa
2 cupcakes/brownies/muffins (362)
some York Pieces (most likely in the serving range [50 pieces] so it'd be 170)

I guess my fruit/veggie/liquid fast didn't go great but I did workout and clean my room... thus burning calories.

Yay me.

Kinda hungry. V8 will do.

Love, skinnies, and everything else,


ps. Reading comments about someone saying M likes some... *cough* slutty bitch that no one likes... makes me want to cry/scream/crawl in a hole and die.
pps. I don't think my period really came... I got tricked. This happened a few months ago too.

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