Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was pretty good. I think I stayed around my limit.
I didn't do my workout but I had volleyball practice.
Talked with one of my friends for a while... it was fun.
Had a speaker come in and I noticed one of the guys looking at me a few times. Confidence boost, I guess... but all the girls hate him so it's like taboo. But we a had class together last year and we sat next to each other... he'd try to cheat off me, I'd yell at him, he'd tell me stuff, he "invited" me over once... quotes because it wasn't really legit. He's kinda like the guy I was talking about but he has straight hair.
And M (the guy I'm in love with) talked to me... I sound like a stalker, huh? Just a little conversation and he looked me in the eyes and they kinda "sparkled" and... I felt like a complete idiot.
I need a better perfume. Mine effing sucks.

Love and skinnies,

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